Add-on Sending an alert to the user by an administrator, without the need for a warning


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I want to allow administrators to send a notification to users, in a simple way, and without the need for a private message or a warning.
A simple way to send him a notification so that clicking on the bell icon will show it to him.
Is there a plugin that does this?
@Paul B I made a mistake in presenting the question. I need the ability for any moderator to be able to send such an alert to the user [with brief information, a non-warning comment, etc.], not just the admin.
Can't they just send them a message?
In a busy forum [like mine], any relief for the moderators is significant.
Opening a private message allows the user to respond and a discussion will develop [it is possible to lock the conversation, but it is such an unpleasant feeling towards the user], and time is precious...
In addition, a conversation will always be something more cumbersome, with a greeting at the beginning and a blessing at the end.. A short notification by the bell would have done the trick.
So what do you want this alert to say? And if further discussion is needed between the 2, then you'll need access to private messages. Your use case isn't explained very well here. All you said was send notification. Send notification of what?
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