Send an alert and/or an email on a member's birthday


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When we were still running vB, we ran into an issue with birthday notices being sent out on accounts that were no longer active and hadn't been for a few years. The resulting bounced emails caused some issues with blacklisting which took me some time to get cleared.

Notices? Sure. Emails? No way.


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Emails wouldn't be sent to accounts which have the 'Email invalid (bounced)' state.

It could also be configured to only apply to members active in the last 6 months, which is how some other functions in XF already work.


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OK, this is a totally pointless "feature" I agree...

A lot of forums list members' birthdays at the bottom of forum home but as we all know, XenForo is all about less is more, so this would just be a way of acknowledging those members who have gone to the effort of entering their full birth date in their profile, without bloating the forum home page.

Besides, everyone likes being wished "Happy Birthday", even if it is via an automated script :)
I am a bit surprised/puzzled that this valuable social feature has not been offered yet after so many years. It is not a totally pointless feature at all ;)...

I can't remember how other forum packages used to do this, but Facebook for example offers it like this:

FB birthday indicator friends list homepage.PNG

A birthday symbol next to a friends username in your contacts list on the homepage. So, never to be missed.

When you mouse-over the username a membercard pops up and it says inside the membercard: 'Write a birthday message to <username>'. When you click on that sentence, you are brought to the profile of that user and there you can enter your 'spontaneous' message.

Also, the birthdays are shown in a dedicated area on the homepage:

FB birthday section homepage.PNG

(Oddly with a different birthday icon. So much for consistency!)

And when you click the Events options, they are listed there as well:

FB birthday section Events.PNG

... with the option of directly posting your wishes on their profile/timeline as well. And underneath the area in this screenshot you are served with a list (avatars) of all your friends that have upcoming birthdays.

Furthermore... there are notifications as well:

FB facebook-birthday-notification.jpg

I mean... the list (options) goes on and on it seems nowadays on Facebook. Facebook has seriously upped their game in recent years when it comes to the easy of use and social factor of the platform. Is there any good reason why birthday functionality would not be offered by a forum software that has the aim of building communities?
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