Lack of interest Semi-bug: Link shortening and printing

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no, I'm not asking for a printing-version-feature, because with some CSS media queries, printing threads works well.

Except for one thing (Problem first, idea for simple solution then):

gets shortened with ...:
even on the printed page. Because this happens on PHP side, it can't be solved with some CSS alone.

While a small plugin could solve this, it would be nice too see something like the following in XF2:

Instead of something like
<a href="">
the Base Formatter shortener could generate
<a href="">
<span class=myhiddenlinkpart>ooooooooooo</span>
<span class=myvisiblelinkpart>...</span>
Ie. the two spans with content instead of just "..."
Then some CSS like
.myvisiblelinkpart {}
.myhiddenlinkpart { display:none; }
With this, it would be enough to just switch these two classes in the print version CSS.
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