Selecting thumbnails after image upload in iOS – confusing behavior


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It's possible to choose which thumbnail/full image will appear in a message by tapping an image. Upon tapping any thumbnail a checkmark will appear on the top left of the thumbnail.

It seems like there are 3 states, in which the middle one has a confusing behavior:

1. Empty – not checked
2. Not filled, but has a checkmark – Previously selected but not selected anymore
3. Filled with a checkmark – Selected

I'm not sure if #2 is intentional, but if it's actually designed like that it shouldn't remove the checkmark from this state when scrolling to the left/right.

In addition, clicking on the checkmark in the #2 state either put it on state number #3 or brings it back to #2. It doesn't go to state #1 unless the user scrolls left/right.

Video Screenshot:

View attachment RPReplay_Final1668365249.mp4

Could be an overall mobile issue or bad design in my opinion. I see that on the desktop the second state is also present but when unchecking an image and moving the mouse to a different thumbnail the checkmark goes away. On mobile, it requires a scroll which is a more "aggressive" action to preform in order to get the idea that the image is unchecked.
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