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I am creating an addon that creates an additional page that is viewed from the forum perspective, how would I tell this page to select the Forums tab when viewing the page?

I have tried many ways but I am not sure how to do this specifically. This would also help with another addon I'm building.


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In your route prefix class, the 3rd parameter (majorSection) for the getRouteMatch() method should be 'forums'.
That should work. :)

	 * Gets a route match object.
	 * @param string $controllerName
	 * @param string|false $action
	 * @param string $majorSection
	 * @param string $minorSection
	 * @return XenForo_RouteMatch


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'forums', 'members' and 'help' selects the corresponding tab.
But strangely, passing 'home' as the parameter doesn't select the Home tab. :confused:

*Diving into the source to see what's happening...

Looks like it's the only tab that can't be selected.


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Hehe, I've been swimming around the source for the last 24 hours and cannot find why the home tab can't be selected. I created this thread just in case I was missing something.


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In template called navigation you can see that Home tab doesn't have conditions that may make it selected unlike other tabs.


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In template called navigation you can see that Home tab doesn't have conditions that may make it selected unlike other tabs.
Yeah. The home tab isn't a tab per-se.

Would've been great if the XenForo_Dependencies_Public::_getNavigationContainerParams() method & navigation template contained proper logic for selecting the home tab, even though it won't be used by the any XF core feature anytime soon.

Now who's posting the bug/enhancement report? :p
I havent looked at the code yet..(starting next week) but, just a thought, i suppose that home is the default tab?
i.e. if no tab is selected, the home tab is selected by default..


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I ran into another problem. I managed to get my own Home tab in there but when you view a page it says: Home > Home > Page

So I am trying to figure out a work around for that but coming up empty handed. Any ideas?
Well when I want my own home tab i just define in options (where you input forum url and homepage url) the link to that page, and when i click the hometab it goes to my page.
But maybe we are talking about different things.
Well I had a look, and figured that the home tab is nothing else than a html element in a template and not generated..
I read in another thread, that Kier was going to find a way to make home tab a "real" tab

For the moment, I can just remember the way we did changes like that in vbulletin when there was no template_hook around. (it was not very elegant)

We simply replaced the bit of code or the phrase in the template cache with str_replace or str_replace_callback. (I do not know if there is something similar to template_cache in xf. But if yes, you could just replace whats between <!-- home --> and <!-- forums --> in template navigation with the code of a new tab.

(I''m just writing what goes through my head as you said you were looking for "Ideas")


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Yeah tried that but I will probably just have to keep it the way I have it for now until Kier releases a new version that has Home tab as its own tab. So php file altering will be required for my portal system.