Security Related

Wanting to upgrade 1 forum I have to Xenforo as Im running it for another and I love it however few items I need

Ability for pms/conversations to be autoencrypted with possible user pgp key exchange implementation as well

Meta data being removed from images

and is there a system to require an invite key to join


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Conversations in XenForo are stored in plain text in the database.
There is no feature or setting to set up a board as an invite only access.


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Sorry, the font is so tiny on XenForo that sometimes the sub-forum it resides in escapes me.
But the answer is unfortn. still the same. I am not aware of any current plugins that properly do this (conversation encryption)
Best of luck finding someone that's able to help you.
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ty that handles invites still need pms encrypted and meta info removed from images.
Only things keeping me from xenforo on this particular board