SeaXen's Greetings 2012 - Christmas Theme [Deleted]


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SeaXen's Greetings 2012 - Christmas Theme (version 1.1.3) - Red and green, cheerful Christmas theme.

SeaXen's Greetings!

This happy traditionally toned FREE Christmas theme is now all updated to Xenforo v1.1.3, originally appearing for Christmas 2010, the name was bestowed on this theme by Kier, it is a play on the words Season's Greetings!

I hope you enjoy it!

A very Merry Christmas from us at Xenique!

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:p should have told me you wanted to release today, it's actually already been updated for a few months, I just hadn't posted it yet :p.

LOL dang!

I am working on a new Blue version as well, and it gave me incentive to install my first ever board, so it's all good from my end.