Searching for a person who is a master of xenforo[Work for $$$]

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Hi there,

I apologize in advance for my bad english.

As I have already written in the title, i'm searching for a person who perfectly knows xenforo and can set up a website for me.
It would be a game project, good example what i want is

If you are able to make something like that and you could be a technical supporter with all website stuff - it would be greate.
I'm willing to pay you according to your wishe: Paypal,Bank,Webmoney , etc...

And please do not understand me incorrectly.Maybe it's not hard to install all things and set up all website with xenforo perfectly , but i want to do nothing with website stuff.Yes , i will have moderators , administrators in forum.But all technical stuff , setting up forum , etc..Really not for me.

My contacts:

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Requests can be posted in the correct forum once you have associated your user name with your license.
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