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******* submitted a new resource:

******* - Search Resources by Name - This addon adds the ability to search resources by resources' title with suggestion.

This addon adds the ability to search resources by resources' title with suggestion.

- Upload contents of Upload folder to root directory, overwriting any existing files.
- Install XML\addon-BR_SearchResourceName.xml file.

- Please make sure that addon XenForo Resource Manager (https://xenforo.com/purchase/) is installed before start to install this addon.
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does disable the search in forum have effect on this addon ?!

as i disable the seraching in the forum as it make huge table in DB

waiting ur answer


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i install it now but i have this problem

when i just type a part of the title which is not the start like " Man From Stars " if i wrote stars it will not show any suggest + when i press enter for the word stars its sayes

The requested resource could not be found.

but if i wrote the whole title or start with "man fro" its give me suggestion and i can click on it and redirect me to that resource without problem

so is this problem as an issue or its how addon work ?!

thanks again for ur work


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y i can`t update ?!!!

its says

Invalid License of ******* - Search Resources by Name for this domain: forum.8lbiuae.com

i dono y my forum now its close !! its say its open for admin only and need to upgrade the addons

and when i upgrade it give the same message and when i try to upload the files it give me the previous message of the license !!
as i know this addon was free !! y its need license now ?!
  • Is it possible to add category/subcategory beside search results. My forum has 700+ files in RM and many have very similar names but are in different subcategories. Without knowing to which subcategory search results belong to, this addon is not very useful to my users.
@*******, can you help me with this issue?
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Could you possibly make an option without template edit to extend searchbar in the middle.. and also to make the search bar.. sticky when yous scroll?
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