Search parameters


It's easy enough to exclude a forum for the what's new tab, but is it possible to create a second what's new tab (using "nodes as tabs") to only search the forums excluded from the main what's new tab?

In other others, can you pass parameters to the search to only look in specific forums?

Basically, I'm trying to have two different "what's new" tabs for on-topic forums and off-topic forums.

The first is easy... I've used the per node "include threads from this forum when users click what's new" option in the ACP to tweak the "What's new (on-topic)" menu tab.

For the second "What's new (off-topic)" menu tab, I'd like the search to only look in the forums that were excluded from the other "What's new" menu tab.

Soooooo... I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to pass some parameters (the specific forums) to the search URL:
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