Search: Not Found - show the word/phrase that was searched for


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When no results are found the search page just says No results found. - but it doesn't display what you've searched for so you cannot tell if you've mistyped your query (or think of another way to phrase it for your second search).

Could the searched-for phrase be added so it says: No results found for: {search phrase}

Shaun :D
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Digital Doctor

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Is this a bug ?

I get what you want ... when there is NO results ... but a hit for a member name.


Demo Search: GERD

When I get no results (and no hit in users) ... I get this.

#1) I agree just displaying "no results found" doesn't make sense.
#2) Displaying "better" results when there is a hit in the matched users ... makes even less sense !

Note: I guess if there is any hit (in matched users or in the forum) ... the usual search text appears.


but nothing appears when there is no hit.
Hard to say why you would want that.
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