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how can I get a search function, just as it is here in this community. Says: Like I go at the bottom on the side on the link "search" and then can chose where I want to search (forum, ressources...) and what for?

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Mr Lucky

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Once you get and install xenforo, all that is a part of it and will just be there. Although the searching of resources will only apply if you also get the resource manager addon.
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Well, I use xenforo and also the ressource manager for three years but there didn't ever appear something like that! :-(
Where do I find it?

Mr Lucky

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Sorry, for some odd reason I thought this was in pre-sales questions. If you don't have the search function like it is here, I would open a support ticket.


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What is the URL to your forum?

Is search enabled and accessible to guests so I can check?