Search for a certain tag in the migrated vB db


How do I search for all posts containing the tag [MODERATED]TEXT[/MODERATED]?

The reason I want to do this is because from the very beginning (even before vBulletin) I used my own tags in posts for moderating. The content between these tags were moderated and filtered out. Now I just got reminded of this and I have to go through all posts and re-moderate them in xenForo once the migration is complete.

Any help is appreciated.
Great! Just let me correct myself and say that I used these tag for a forum I developed myself. I didn't reinvent the wheels for vBulletin in terms of moderation :)

This is what the tag looks like:



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Soooo... are we moderating individual posts? Or if all of the moderated posts are grouped into threads then can we just moderate the threads?
Hmm. A verryyyyy late answer. But it here it is.

What I want is ID for all posts containing the tag [MODERERAD=Username=4]Text[/MODERERAD]. The table structure follow vBulletin standard.