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I want to find all add-ons from RO; I have no chance, because we cant search for "RO" without the help of skynet.
But because we are clever people, we use the [] to make the word longer, right?
That's the reason why we have

[RO] super elastic super add-on

The world is save, we are happy?

No; because the search dont let me search for [ro]; the search steals my brackets and tells me, that i cant search for "ro", because it is too short.

So what can we do?

Use AA-Ro or BB-Ro for all names and words that have only two or three chars?

In one customer's forum, we have the rule, that every name with two or three chars must be written double.​
If your name is Eva then your thread needs to have the title:​
Eva / EvaEva is calling you!​
Now we can search for EvaEva ...​

Is there a reason why the search cant search for:


I want to know why the search can't be used to search for [xyz], please?
*** the brackets are part of the search term!

You can see that many, many coders give themselves a short name. But this short name is somehow senseless, if we can't search for [xy] or [xyz]; then every coder should have a name with at least four chars.

I just see:
Here i can search for "TV" or "XON", but not in my forum.
Thank you.
This would be the better solution, sure.

My mysql can search for

SELECT * FROM xf_post WHERE message LIKE '%[h2]%'

Is there a way to search in a normal xf without elastic search for:

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