Script passing variables to another php script

I have this script to pass variables to another php script

$dir = __DIR__;
require ($dir . '/src/XF.php');

$app = \XF::setupApp('XF\Pub\App');
$visitor = \XF::visitor();


Everything works except the last item - location... all other variables get passed except the location - location is always blank and, the location is definitely set in the users profile but, I cannot get this one item to display.

Also wanted to get custom field called "trackname" and unable to get that even though it's set in the users profile.
Help please


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I am not in my office and on a tablet.

Can you dump $visitor and post the output.
location is not a property of the User entity

Is that a problem :) ?

Well fooey.. I guess that would be the problem.

Is there another way of grabbing one of those fields? Like maybe one of the custom fields? Any of them?
location is not a property of the User entity.


Is this not accurate or, is this maybe for xf 1.x?
XenForo_Visitor Object
    [_user:protected] => Array
            [user_id] => 1
            [username] => Admin
            [email] =>
            [gender] => 
            [custom_title] => 
            [language_id] => 1
            [style_id] => 0
            [timezone] => Europe/London
            [visible] => 1
            [user_group_id] => 2
            [secondary_group_ids] => 3,4
            [display_style_group_id] => 3
            [permission_combination_id] => 7
            [message_count] => 2
            [conversations_unread] => 0
            [register_date] => 1286324538
            [last_activity] => 1286362240
            [trophy_points] => 1
            [alerts_unread] => 0
            [avatar_date] => 0
            [avatar_width] => 0
            [avatar_height] => 0
            [gravatar] => 
            [user_state] => valid
            [is_moderator] => 1
            [is_admin] => 1
            [is_banned] => 0
            [like_count] => 0
            [dob_day] => 0
            [dob_month] => 0
            [dob_year] => 0
            [status] => 
            [status_date] => 0
            [status_profile_post_id] => 0
            [signature] => 
            [homepage] => 
            [location] => 
            [occupation] => 
            [following] => 
            [identities] =>
Crap.... how in the world did I miss your answer?

That works great...

So sorry I kept asking for help when you already threw me the lifeline and I didn't see it. Today was chemo day and when that happens, my brain gets a little foggy for at least a day or two

btw: Your answer also led me to learn how to pass custom fields data with:

I had just stumbled on to the answer by clicking something, (for example: account details) and then looking at the source to see the code for what variable was being used. Dunno why I never looked there first before asking. Like I said... chemo days are "difficult"

Thank you.
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