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Scooterforum.net moved to XenForo


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I want to have some feedback on my community.

The site is: http://scooterforum.net

The site is about 14 years old and we had some very busy times with 10k uniques a day. Currently we are a fraction of that due to my sickness and almost a month of downtime and bad choices in forum software (vb3 --> vb4 worst choice) + penalty in Google rankings.

Now I'm transferred to XenForo and I'm really happy with the look and feel of it. At first I did not plan to use a lot of add-on because I did not want to rely on 3rd party developers, but the great add-ons available made it to hard not to.

The style is based on UI.X. We use the Extra Portal, Showcase, Directory and Xen Media Gallery as the biggest add-ons. Also some other great add-ons like those from xfrocks :)

Still working on a good wordpress bridge, currently working with the xfrocks one but it needs to evolve some more.

So please shoot on the design or other things I overlooked or that I can improve for a better user experience.

Tracy Perry

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I like the domain name... but the first thing that came to my mind was
The Scooter Store of Oklahoma City 2.jpg

You can tell I've been spending way to much time in the nursing home visiting my mom. ;)


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LOL :)

I'm Dutch, and scooter has a different meaning here :) But we do intent to go some more international, our new newsblog will be in English but that's on a different domain and will be Wordpress powered. Still struggling with the WP to XF bridge, it's almost how I want it (article on wordpress, responses on forums with proper links between the both places, automatic)