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SBG OVH down - Electric outage


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It's up now for me.

RoldanLT said:
I got 3 servers down from them.

First was 2 servers from SBG France (still down for more than 3 hours now), then next hour from RBX France (already up now but was down for more than 2 hours).

Then my Singapore server also was down for few minutes and up again.

Someone is claiming on DDOS group that it was Mirai attack.

OVH better disclose the truth behind this downtime.
RoldanLT said:
It's up now, 3 hours and 50 minutes down.

All my servers are fine now.


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I'm trying to restart it but the ovh backhand still have some problem... :mad:

I really need to start thinking about a redundant configuration, am I right @eva2000 ?


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So they don't have battery backup to cover the time between switching over to generator power, and 2+ hours to reboot routing equipment?


You definitely get what you pay for.

I really need to start thinking about a redundant configuration, am I right @eva2000 ?
No, you just need to go with a datacenter that actually has proper redundant power systems in place. Switching from commercial power to generators should not result in 2+ hours of downtime. In fact, it shouldn't result in any downtime at all. Should be a pretty seemless switch.


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As much as I love ovh I moved away from bhs and sbg long ago purely due to poorly designed redundancy and failover implementations. Not many outages but when they happen they hurt.