SatoshiTURK.Com | A site that pays bitcoin per word


We pay bitcoin to everyone who writes on our site.

It has its own bitcoin wallet plugin developed by us.

It works with the cold wallet system.

Everyone has their own unique bitcoin address.

Users are included in the level system after 25 messages.

There are 20 Levels in total.

The higher the level, the higher the bitcoin income

There is a reference system, you will earn income from the people you invite.

Market system is available, add-on can be sold.

Users can send bitcoins to each other without interruption

Bitcoin payment method has been added as a payment profile.

It also works with Litecoin.

Topics can be donated bitcoins.

Thanks to XENFORO, we have created a nice Crypto Money Community in Turkey.

I hope we will serve for many years.


Thread Earn Example / Satoshi Donate / Bitcoin Send Postbit

Bitcoin Wallet Page / Deposit / Withdraw / Thread Earn Hisrtory

Payment Method
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