XF 2.2 Safe to Backup While Active?

Matthew Hutchinson

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I use Akeeba Solo to manually back up my board every night after deactivating it once I've confirmed no one's online. Is it safe to back it up while it's active and folks are online?
One thing I learned running my old board is that performing manual backups via Akeeba's web panel was a time-consuming chore. I was also inconsistent with the time of day I ran them.

I'd rather not do that with my new board. Last night, I started a paid subscription to the Pro version of Akeeba Solo and learned how to set up automated backups using a cron job on a test copy of my board.

Going forward, my new board will be automatically backed up every night at midnight, and the files transferred to my Dropbox account.

Thanks to @AndyB for encouraging me to learn about creating cron jobs.

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It's easy enough to write a script to do your backups. And rsync is not that hard to learn to use. I use Automator on the Mac and Transmit to pull the files in to my local NAS and also my local computer.
Use sudo crontab -e and set up your cron job to call the script(s) you created to perform the backup.
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