Safari 6 - Better

Adam Howard

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I was unaware they had updated.... Apple didn't send me my normal e-mail notice.

F*ck. Must check out Safari 6 and see if all is well on my site.

Adam Howard

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Technically speaking, Netscape is not dead. Firefox is basically Netscape, although it has come a long way since then and holds its own now.

First coding I ever did.... Ever was for Netscape. And later a little for coding for Phoenix and Firebird, which was what Firefox was originally named (in that order).


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They removed the backspace function (go back) I understand why this was done but still prefer it over the new cmd+arrow so installed an extension and got it back. About the rest I wasn't using the Google search next to the address bar (cmd+T and having Google set as the homepage is quicker). But it looks clean and no bugs so far.

Anthony Parsons

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The developer functions in v6 are much better than v5 Safari. I think developers will like it. It is seriously fast... much faster than Chrome or FF.