XF 2.2 Safari 16.4.1 causing error 'page no longer available'

This is a member's only forum accessed using the RestAPI auth/login-token.
Until the recent Safari upgrade this has been working taking the user directly to the forum listing.
Now Safari users who have updated to 16.4.1 are getting the error 'This page is not longer available. Please go back and try again' (see image below).
Going back and trying again works but why does it not work first time following the upgrade?
The only clue I have is a possible connection with the service_worker.js
The upgrade included implementing push notifications.
The need to access the forum twice is enough to discourage users so any suggestions as how to overcome the problem would be appreciated.

Nigel Nelson

Further investigation has shown that the underlying problem is that the excution of the logon url accesses the 'token' in the database before it has been updated from the api auth/login-token request meaning that the token in the url could not be found. The workaround has been to add a delay between the login-token request and the execution of the login url allowing time for the token to be committed to the database.

Nigel Nelson
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