running vbulletin!



I am running vbulletin got new license but I am not satisfied with it. Do i need some kind of conversion if i want to use xenforo? or the same database will work for it?

more over xenforo is providing a complete suit or just forum software?

what will happen of plugins etc?



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XenForo in its current state is Beta forum software; it does not provide additional features such as blogs, gallery, etc. at the moment.

Plugins, add-ons and mods have been and are being developed by the community.
There are already quite a few released add-ons.

An importer for vB 3.7/8 exists now and more are planned for vB 4, IPB, phpBB, SMF, etc.


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If you want to get your hands on the software to play around Paul M made a vB4 converter:) its in the license holders area available for download assuming you have a license.