XF 2.2 Run query on user downgrade


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I need to run a query on user downgrade, so I set class extension XF\Cron\CleanUp ~ My\Addon\XF\Cron\CleanUp

The function runUserDowngrade runs under XF class not what I've set.

namespace My\Addon\XF\Cron;

class CleanUp extends XFCP_CleanUp {

    public static function runUserDowngrade()
        // RUN QUERY
        $userUpgradeRepo = \XF::repository('XF:UserUpgrade');

What's wrong? How's the process to run query on user downgrade in 2.2 XF version?
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Got it working. I extended the wrong class.

It has to be XF\Repository\UserUpgrade ~ My\Addon\XF\Repository\UserUpgrade , not CleanUp.
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