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Rsvp - Provides an RSVP option where members can register for an event.


Provides an RSVP option where members can register for an event.

(Example of RSVP create link)

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(Example of RSVP create page)

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(Example of RSVP block)

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Nice work with all the enhancements from the original RSVP for XF 1.x, particularly with the new block above the post list and the maximum attendees setting! (y) I am making plans to move over to XF 2.x in 2018.

Is there currently any functionality to add a news feed item to Latest activity when someone does RSVP (optional per site, assuming an admin setting for this was activated)? E.g. username is going to thread name:
AndyB is going to Party at Andy's house.
Just thinking this would make it more clearer to site members when someone does RSVP and the news_feed items may even encourage more people to RSVP for the same event. Of course with this you'd want to remove the news feed item if they remove/delete their RSVP registration.
got this working Andy, but have a weird glitch. User has created an rsvp but somehow its not showing and if i try and create one for the thread i get a popup error saying "RSVP already created."
Hey Andy, are the events the user has RSVP'd for shown anywhere on the user record? Like on the member card or in their profile somewhere? It would be nice to be able to quickly see which events the member will be going to in order to see if you might be able to run into them there and chat.
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