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RSS Video Embed Feeder Importer to the Media Gallery [Deleted]


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joey_tbf submitted a new resource:

RSS Video Feeder Importer to the Media Gallery - RSS Video Feeder Importer to the Media Gallery


i paid a developer 50$ to make me this add-on a long time ago, it gives you the ability to automatically import videos into the media gallery using the a websites rss

I used it to import videos daily.

i dont use this add-on anymore, it ended up putting it in my trash can, as i hired ******* make me a better one with a lot more features.

but this one still works good,

if any developer wants to add new features to it , you can go ahead and add them and send it back to me, so i can...
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reddy ink

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Thank a lot for sharing this add-on. Why not share your Pro version (with **** developer) as I am looking for a similar add-on. Share $$