RSS (News) Feeds: message text not being sent?


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I found this related thread a few moments ago via a search:

But, I notice that there is an option in the Admin Control Panel under Home -> Options -> News Feeds where you can set the number of characters in the message to include with the feed. The description under News Feed Message Snippet Maximum Length reads:

"When the text of messages is displayed in news feed items, it will be trimmed to the length specified here."​

Is this an unimplemented feature, or am I missing another setting somewhere? An add-on would work, or even a template modification, but I wanted to see if I'm missing a configuration value somewhere first. I am aggregating posts from a couple of different forums into a separate blog, and having the message text would work perfectly for what I need.



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The forum RSS feeds are what I'm looking at or rather, where I need posts aggregated from.

In the admin control panel, it does not specifically come right out and say the feed settings are for Recent Activity, although upon reading again it does sort of hint at it:

The news feed, or activity stream is a constantly-updated log of things that your registered members do, which can be viewed back by other visitors.

It is possible to filter the news feed down to just users you follow, or a single user.

Looking at it briefly again, I am thinking this may be as simple as a template edit, as there is an entire set of "news_feed" templates in the system. But upon looking at those, I cannot tell if these are specifically for only the Recent News feed, or all RSS feeds offered by XF.