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RSS Feeds - rss feeds on you're board

Enable RSS on you're board:
Check if webfeed is enabled on your forum in (the url of you're forum)/admin.php?options/groups/newsfeed/
After that it's time to add the navigation button:
Go to "navigation" in the admin panel (the url of you're forum)/admin.php?navigation/ and click on "add navigation" and fill in the form: (by example)

Navigation ID: rss_feeds
Title: <i class="fa fa-rss"></i>
Display order: 1100
Link: /index.rss
Extra attributes:
- Name: title
- Value: RSS FEEDS...

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Love the concept, but I get the following error when I click on the link:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <error><![CDATA[The requested page cannot be represented in this format.]]></error>


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I think I fixed it. I needed to enter the following in the URL field (though I'm not sure why):


Where do you actually store the URL for the RSS feed ?

This setting :
URL /admin.php?feeds/add

insists on a Forum being the target of the feed....but I dont want new threads created by the feed inside the forum itself - just a pop up display if they click on the RSS icon on the menu bar...

Please advise ... :)