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I didn't see a whole lot of options on the settings here. I would like to have a few forums which display some rss feeds however it seems to be pulling tons of feeds from way back. Is there a way to just have it pull the latest couple of feeds. My forums are full of feeds now lol so I must have done something wrong.

Any help would be appreciated

Jake Bunce

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There is no date limit for incoming feeds. It will import all records from the feed, 5 at a time.

Check the feed itself for a date option. You might be able to limit what is contained in the feed instead of limiting what is imported from the feed.

Otherwise this problem should go away after the initial items have been imported. For example, if a feed contains 50 items then all 50 items will be imported when you first add the feed, after which only new items will be imported. You can even delete the older items after they are imported and they won't be imported again.