XF 1.2 Route filters, not easy to use


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I've read the relevant threads about it 10 times but I can't figure out how they work, keep getting errors with everything I try ('The replace route must start with a route prefix.')

With 12 years forum administration experience, if I'm having problems with this system, I can't imagine an admin noob understanding them. Unless there's something wrong with me:confused: or maybe I need to read better.

I think the description in the ACP should provide some clear examples of how this system works because right now it feels very frustrating.

For example let's say I want to completely remove the /forums/ part out of every URL in the subforums since IMO it's completely useless and only adds unnecessary length to the URL. Is this even possible?

Same for /threads/

Basically the goal would be to have with a few route filters this:

Subforum: http://xenforo.com/community/troubleshooting-and-problems.24/


Thread in subforum: http://xenforo.com/community/troubleshooting-and-problems.24/route-filters-not-easy-to-use.54763/

People already used to this probably think how it's possible that I can't understand such a simple system, well I'm telling you it doesn't feel simple as a first time user. If the ACP would show a few examples, that would make it easier to get how it works.
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