XF 1.2 Route Filter

The Dark Wizard

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Lets say

my name is Blah.com and when I install the forums on blah.com/forums and then head to any actual node the url is blah.com/forums/forums like how here on xF.com its xenforo.com/community/forums

In this case the community being where the site is installed. How do I use the Route Filter to change the second forums in the URL that appears when you enter a forum. Say like to blah.com/forums/nodes or anything really.

The Dark Wizard

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Actually. What we did was leave the forum install on the root install making it so its blah.com and then found in basic board information I can make any xF page the default index which preserves the domain as blah.com with out adding the rest of the url to the page.

This bumped with out making any directory the forums to /forums and then when entering a forum the duplicate did not appear and we got everything we needed.

Before we were just trying to stick the forum into its own directory so we can use the root for our splash page.

In this case we will just edit that xF page to look like our splash page and all is done.

Though thanks for finding that for me! It does give us ideas for doing some other things to some other URLs.