Style Rounded edges and custom style [Paid]


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This is an extremely old screenshot, not accurate, of my former "PalPadPark" forum from vBulletin 3.7. Move from vBulletin to xenForo then the members said xenForo is too unfamiliar too them, because the feel did not feel like the vBulletin board --due to, color scheme. SultanTheme updated the vBulletin style to rounded edges, yet the designer has not moved to xenForo unfortunately.
palpadpark_main.png palpadpark_forum.png palpadpark_thread.png
What can xenForo design community offer to convert/style a simliar style with a xenForo feel?
Additional Details:
SultanTheme was hired to add rounded edges to the PalPadPark style only.

Russ and I [Fufu] have agreed to start the project. Results will be updated at a later date.
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