Graphic Rotating / Changing Logo for seasonal versions (time pre-set?)


I am looking for a plugin/script/solution that let's me set a time when to display which type of forum logo.

What I want to do:
I have 4 different seasonal styles of my forum logo. One is regular for the most time of the year, one is for easter (with easter eggs), one is for x-mas and one version is for new year's.

Now I am looking for a solution to set the display time of logo1.jpg (x-mas) from days a-b, logo2.jpg (new years) from days b-c, logo3.jpg (regular) from days c-d, logo4.jpg (easter) from d-e and again logo 3.jpg (regular) from days e-a (until x-mas starts all over again).

for me it is important that the script/plugin changes the seasonal logo automatically.

I would be very glad to get a solution for this. If anyone can do the coding, I'd even want to pay for it, no problem!

Please help, i really didn't find an answer to my custom request here (or maybe I was searching with the wrong keywords....)


As I wrote above, I just need a sort of logo-rotation-script. and IT HAS TO BE AUTOMATED since I don't want to change the style myself again and again every year.

I don't mind to have a cronjob changing the entire style for just changing the logo, I really don't have an idea how to do that. How exactly can I achieve this automated solution EXACTLY as described in my first post?


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Do you know how to code? If you know I can write down the exact steps you need to follow to get this done in an automated manner.