Romanization - Define Special Charchter Replacement


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I'm glad XenForo listened to feature requests regarding the URL structure. I have several Turkish forums which uses non-Latin characters like ı,ş,ç,ğ,ö,ü

Currently, the feature XenForo has either truncate the letter or replaces with some others by default.

For example the letter "ö" is replaced by "oe", "ü" by "ue” and "ı,ş,ç,ğ" are truncated.

I know it works for German for instance but not for Turkish, it's grammatically incorrect.

What I'm asking is that the user is given the option to define custom replacements. I imagine this can be similar to the censor word system or by simply having a box where we can type the letters in.

I think not only Turkish users can benefit from this little chance but others language users with special needs.
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