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Romanian translation for [XFSoccer] Soccer Betting Game 1.0.9 Beta 18

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Teascu Dorin submitted a new resource:

[XFSoccer] Soccer Betting Game - Romanian translation for [XFSoccer] Soccer Betting Game

Here you have the Romanian version of the translation for [XFSoccer] Soccer Betting Game

Original Site:


How to install this: https://www.rostyles.com/forum/f5/la...struction-820/


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One thing I'd like to see if possible (or if it's possible now and I just don't know about it) would be to see - after the games are done - what the picks were for other people. Like right now I'm in 2nd and the guy in front of me has 1 more point. I'd like to see what his guesses were.

But this is a really cool addon, man! You did very, very well!