Rival [Paid] 1.4.4

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DEZero submitted a new resource:

Rival Style - Dark Style for any forum.

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Rival is the first official Style of Evoke Pixel, the design is aimed at all forum owners, but we did add a few elements reminiscent of older art communities.

All colors can be changed via the color palette.

We have also included a few style property options for this style:

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The cost of branding removal is $15 USD. This will only apply to one installation, you may contact us via pm for further information....
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I purchased this stye but haven't received anything in terms of a link to download it, etc. It seems they are having trouble with their store. I don't want to have to cancel through Paypal. I'm hoping for a response.


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No response since I purchased this Wednesday. I emailed the seller from PayPal, I posted on their forum and posted here.
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I cancelled the purchase (through PayPal) after days of non-responsiveness. The developer stated he checks his site/store every couple days due to his demanding IT job. I don't mind that, but when I send a payment, there needs to be a response fairly quickly and even this can be done automatically. It doesn't help confidence in terms of support when the difficulty arises in this manner from the point of purchase.


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Purchased wed. I visited site on Friday, as stated in pm, looks like there was a mix up in the email set up on our site. I apologize for the inconvenience.


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Sent you a message over on evoke, I need the email tied to your paypal to verify. I'll talk to Chris D to see if I may have configured my store incorrectly.


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EvokePixel.com will be down for a few days, server is being worked on. If you would like to make a purchase or need a download, please contact me here or via private message.