RIP Peggy


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This is extremely sad news. I knew Peggy from the vbulletin days and had only pleasant interactions with her over the years in the various communities.

Very sad :(


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Oh my!

I am so saddened to hear of this, Peggy was such a force around here in the early days, we spent a lot of time together having fun on the forums, and even started the (sadly failed) Defend Xenforo campaign when XF was hit with the law suit back in the day (how things would have been different now with so many crowdfunding options!!!)

Wow.. Peggy gone, I can hardly believe it :'(

RIP Peggy, gone way too soon!


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Very sad to hear. :cry:

We had quite a few meaningful conversations and she definitely had a huge heart. Sad thing...what they say about the good ones.



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Unfortunately, I don't know this user nor have I interacted with them, but rest in peace and condolences to the family members.