Implemented Reworked vB Importer for large sites


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The downtime associated with such an upgrade really should not be ignored, It would be great if the VB->XF importer could somehow do it in multiple passes, so it grabs a snapshot of the db (or at least of the main thread / post / user counts) and then does the first pass, imports the data currently in the db & once that's done, you can then close the old VB forum, re-run the importer and it pulls over the changes made since the first pass and then you go-live on the XF install.

Even if you had to make a physical copy of the DB, run the first pass off that and then point it to the 'live' VB forum for the 2nd pass, that would be fine.

Downtime would then be in the minutes (well, perhaps an hour or so) as opposed to day(s).

I can see the migration of my forum easily taking 8-12 hours on the live server. That's a long time for the forum to be offline.

That would also be a hell of a lot higher if the search indexes had to be rebuilt (which in all likelihood they would be at the end of the first pass).

And my site isn't huge by any stretch of the imagination. (4m posts, 370k threads, 88k members).


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Presumably the new CLI importer will fulfil this suggestion?

Incremental imports aren't possible for all sorts of reasons: edited posts, splits posts, merged thread, deleted posts and threads, banned members, new forums, etc. so the only option is to have a much faster importer, which is where the CLI importer comes in.


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I came across it when searching for something else.

I did actually start going through the bigger features suggestion forum a few weeks ago to see if I could thin it out: implemented suggestions, duplicates, etc.