Revisiting past web designs.


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In 2008 I created a skin for my vbulletin 3.7, which was frankly awful, windows paint images saved as low quality jpgs and badly done html.

however now 5 years later i have decided to revisit the format but using mostly CSS and high quality png designs.

When finished my Xenforo forum_list and forum_view will have more in common with windows metro theme, than default XF theme.

So far i have shown it to my community and they are very excited.

So the question is, have you ever revisited a past design and brought it "back to life"?
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Since I've taken over the styling for my site I've tried to keep within a blue/black color scheme, so all of the styles I've done have related to each other at least in that way (as well as reusing symbols, logos, etc.). However, I think there's something to be said for returning to the simplicity of older days, as well as bringing in a nostalgic feel.

I've never redone an old theme from the ground up just because I'd rather work on something new (or something else entirely), but one of my staff members recently offered to try recreating old styles (particularly some from our vB days) as a way to familiarize himself with the Xenforo styling system. I don't see why not--the more options, the better (as long as it's not too many).