XF 2.2 Retrieve Microsoft OAuth Authorisation Token


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Just to preface, my experience with PHP and XenForo is limited; I may have missed something completely obvious. Forgive me in advance!

We are trying to extend the functionality of Microsoft OAuth registration to fetch information from the user's Xbox Live entitlements via the authentication pipeline. Having looked through XenForo's methodology, we can see that an Authorization Token must be fetched somewhere but we are unsure how to access this in the UserConnectedAccount entity (or indeed anywhere in an addon). It could be assumed that the extra_data->token field would store this but the format of the token does not match Microsoft's expectations. Is this the value that we're looking for, just encoded or encrypted in some way? Otherwise, can this token be found using something else?

We're basically just looking for a way to access the Microsoft OAuth "Authorization Token".

Thank you!
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