Retrieve (manually) vBulletin 3.0.x avatars


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You will probably never need this but I'm still going to share this tip for those who might face the same problem. On one board, a user has deleted its avatar. No way to find it back. I didn't have any backup of it. After a long long time, I've managed to find an old backup of a vB 3.0.x database. The avatars were stored in the table "customavatar". After having setup a new server with old versions of apache/php/sql and import this table with many of the language encoding available, it still didn't work but the code was still there...

The solution was to take the code of the avatar image, save it in a file (for example: myavatar.bin). Open it in a good text editor that allows hexa editing and process to these changes (search => replace):

5C 30 => 00
5C 6E => 0A
5C 72 => 0D
5C 22 => 22
5C 27 => 27
5C 5C => 5C
5C 5A => 1A
Rename the file with your image extension. It works.