Restoring Deleted/Lost Conversations

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So I accidentally deleted one of my moderators today. I was able to find information here to restore the member and get everything back to normal, except I do not know how to restore his private messages/conversations. I read on other threads that it is possible, but I do not have the expertise to figure it out on my own. I'd REALLY appreciate the help so I can sleep better lol.

Sorry if this thread is in the wrong place.


Jake Bunce

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From the user datawriter, this is the only action that is taken against conversations when deleting a user:

		$db->delete('xf_conversation_user', "owner_user_id = $userIdQuoted");
		// note: leaving records in conversation recipient to keep data somewhat intact for others

So you just need to recreate the records in xf_conversation_user. Ideally these records can be pulled from a backup.

Deleted member 42578

Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately, I'm quite the noob at this (if that wasn't obvious lol) as I just recently became an admin on this old forum. I am not aware of any backup process, and I do not understand all of this code stuff I am seeing. I do not know how to run codes... all I know are the templates.

The only reason I was able to get the member restored was because I installed an addon resource from here that did it all for me (though I had to manually put in the account details). It reconnected all of the posts and likes etc, so I'm surprised that it didn't do the conversations as well.

I know that the conversations are still there somewhere, as I still have a record of mine with the user, and I imagine all the other conversations are similarly recorded with other users.