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Add-on Restore Quote-button


Well-known member
Hello there,

there is this wonderful add-on from @Chris D called Restore Strikethrough.

Is someone kind enough to do the same thing for the quote button which is hidden in the "insert" button?

The quote button is the most used button of mine, for example quoting from wikipedia, mails or other websites. And it is annoying that this button is hidden there. I must say, my first times here I wondered why the hell Xenforo doesn't have a quote button until I found it hidden there. This is not a big deal but it would be a little improvement for users in my opinion, at least for myself.

I asked Chris and he allows you to use his code if you want to use it (of course with mentioning this in the description but a pm about this should be sent to him). I am just asking. Maybe someone is bored and can give this a try.