XF 1.2 Responsive Desgn issue


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When I view this website on my Samsung Note 3 I note that it is in the Responsive Design mode - it is fixed well into place and you can not move it left right etc., and so you do not see any empty white spaces appearing from behind.

But, on my website, which I have I also have in Responsive Design, the same is not true - you can move the site left right and white blank spaces start appearing from behind - my site is not fixed into place, it moves about.

What should the setting be to resolve this issue so that white spaces stop appearing when my site is loaded on my mobile? (Like is the case when I upload this site on my mobile).

When I turn off Responsive Design, the site loads fully and perfectly, no white spaces appear - but I want to sort out my Responsive Design also.


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You most likely have an element that pushes past the view port. Without seeing your site, we can't help much.