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Say we have 100 forum members. I want to set certain members (those that are paid subscribers to our organisation) the ability to download certain (paid) resources.

So i non-paying user can download some resources but not the special paid ones. When they try they are presented with a page informing them all about our paid membership benefits. Maybe the download button could appear different.

Is this possible? I hope so.


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One way to achieve that would be by having a separate category for those specific resources, which would require members to be upgraded to an additional user group.
You could then use a Notice in the category for anyone not in the user group explaining what they need to do to gain access.

Bear in mind that there is no payment processing in the RM, so paid resources are not housed in the RM/on the site.
Unless by paid you mean paying a subscription to access them, in which case the above would work.


Formerly mugtree
Thanks for quick reply.

Users would pay to be members outside of the forum. We invoice them and they pay by bacs, or cheque. Once pad we would find their profile and grant them access. So no need to process payment on the forum.

I was hoping the solution I described. As one way of getting users to become paid members was that they could click into the resource, see the details of it, but when they click the download button they are taken given a notice explaining what they need to do to gain access.