Lack of interest Resource Manager, Input Title, Tag_line, needed custom_fields

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We have resources with title, tag_line and a needed custom_text_field.
The custom_text_field is shown with a red border, if there is no value inside.
But title and tag_line dont have this behaviour. If i dont fill them, i get an Oops ... missing fields.

It makes sense to behave with all fields in the same way.
How can i bring the "required = required" to title and tag_line, please?

You may want to care for that also in the next version.
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Ok, i just add it. :)

<xf:macro name="title" arg-resource="!" arg-prefixes="!">
        label="{{ phrase('title') }}"
        maxlength="{{ max_length($resource, 'title') }}"
        placeholder="{{ phrase('title...') }}"
        help-href="{{ link('resources/categories/prefix-help', $resource) }}"
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