Resource icons suck on


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I would have to make 47 icons.
Took me less than an hour for my 82 resources.
I'm not sure anyone but themselves can be held responsible for that.

It's their prerogative to upload their add-ons, or not, as the case may be.
I know what I'm saying is just because changes are made, doesn't mean members will readily adapt to the change. After a change like this is made it might give the impression that the resource author doesn't care about uploading icons. Letting them default to their avatar until they make the change will make the Resource List not look so bad.


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Perhaps it looking "bad" gives a better indication of which ones are being actively maintained?
lol I guess but I uploaded icons for all of mine even though none of my resources are supported and probably half need to updated.


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While I tend to agree that there could be an admin option allowing uploaders to use their avatar image as the resource icon, I don't find the default icon that bad looking...