XF 2.2 [RESOLVED]: [FQDN]/api/[any api route] returns 404


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I'm trying to use the auth route, although the 404 is returned on every route I've tried testing through postman. I have a SU API key generated with the auth scope, but the issue isn't even with the api key as its not returning an error from the api, but that it just doesn't see that /api even exists at all. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

I've followed this https://xenforo.com/docs/dev/rest-api/ and I've been looking through other posts from users with similar issues and still cannot seem to figure it out.

I'm running on Apache 2.4.41 | Ubuntu 20.04 | PHP 7.4.3

The forums are otherwise up and running just fine

EDIT: I got it to work by enabling full friendly urls. It would be nice if the documentation would notate that to use the /api you need to have friendly urls enabled otherwise im assuming the issue was that it needed to be prefixed by some file.php which i did try doing with index.php to no avail. (Would also be nice if when a customer posts for help their post doesn't get moved out of the customer forum and into development help as this issue had nothing to do with my server but a nuance with xenForo software)
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I always use friendly_urls.
I have copied the route_info from threads/resources and just replaced it with „leagues“
I have my files exactly at the same positions, api/controller/league.php
I have double-checked everything.

My addon is able to fetch a thread with /api/threads/1
but gets an 404 with /api/leagues/1

Do you have done anything else than:

add new scope,
generate key
add route
add file

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