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Resize - Allows the admin to easily resize attached images.

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Allows the admin to easily resize attached images.

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Andy, is there already a XF 2.x add-on to resize attached images automatically? I was only able to find something like this for XF 1.x. Thanks!


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it would be nice to allow members to resize/rotate their own images but other peoples......that makes it basically impossible for anyone but staff to use...could be a very helpful tool for people creating their posts tho....any chance in adding that permission?

we have a bbcode one also but for some people its better this more user friendly interface


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The problem with allowing members to resize or rotate their own images is you will always get the few members who will do it just because they can and disrupt the board.
As the old saying goes, 'if it's not broke, dont fix it' ;)


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if it is their own images i figure they can do as they like!.....they can anyway, this just would make it easier and having a better creative tool for members...

my point is that it is broke and could use a fix...editing ones own content we wont consider disruption...


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my suggestion is simply one extra wouldnt have to change things fundamentally

-can resize/rotate own content
-can resize/rotate others content

similar to other functions...what you think andyB?


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the one permission already exists dont u know? but yes it is 2 very similar addons which both follow the same logic and would be good to function this way that i suggest....andy stop making new addons for a second and talk with me please lol...ppl want creative tools what is the harm to provide them...where we come from thats alot of the whole point of hosting a forum.

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As per the fix you made to the following add-on:

Could you please make similar changes to this add-on and ensure that any similar add-on is updated.

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