Resend Email confirmation problems

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I admin a forum that has xenforo software, sadly our owner who does all the fixins is not very active, and so im seeking out some information as I am currently stumped on a problem the users seem to be having.

I would go into the admin panel itself, however I have lost my password and the owner has yet to give it back to me.

Moving on

I had a user who created an account, and they had created a brand new email from gmail to be linked to the account. They never received their email activation
I suggested to them to do the "Resend Email Confirmation"
however they swear up and down and around the corner it is not there

They sent screenshots to prove so.

I am stumped because I created a new account got the activation email instantly through gmail and I also had the "resend confirmation" link available to me. but it is not existent on her account, and her account is not at all finalized for registration leaving her insufficient privileges.

What would be the reasoning for this?
Thank you


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Support is only available to license holders or associated forum users.

You will need to get the license holder to add you if you require support.
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