Research / Data collection tools with PC / Smartphone integration.

Digital Doctor

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I'm looking for some software that would help

(1) research & purchase a car
(2) research & purchase a garage door opener
(3) research plants for landscaping
(4) plan a landscape project (and research the various components).
(5) etc ... <insert your need here>

Tried so far:

- access on smartphone, work computers, home computers.
- easy cut and paste text and images.
- good search features.

I am currently retrying Evernote.

What would you use for this situation ?

Digital Doctor

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I sometimes think I should use Xenforo for this ! I would need to make it private, but I doubt that an effective way could be found.
Reasons I like Xenforo for this need are: editor works well, search would be fine, forum = a category, posts can easily be edited / updated.